Friday, November 29, 2019

Plastic into cardboard: Part A

A week or two ago I give Al another, larger bag of toploaders. He said he had a big box of commons for me, mostly stuff I wouldn't want but maybe I'd find something I could use. That sounded intriguing so I said sure. It took a couple of weeks but he brought in the box yesterday. He also said that there was another box, "Part B", that he would bring in next week.

I've seen these boxes many times but I've never owned one before. It's charmingly old-fashioned. "An educational hobby for boys and girls". The 500-count box was 90% 1987 Topps, and most of the rest was from 1988 Score. Anyone need cards from those sets? Also a few other cards I had already are in this picture.
But there were ten cards that I did not already have, making this box a very solid win. "For the fun of it!"

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