Friday, November 8, 2019

Stanky and Ozzie

I had a dollar and change worth of eBay extra bucks so I decided to find the best vintage card I could buy real cheap. I went with this 1954 Eddie Stanky card which ended up being 11 cents plus 11 cents tax.
 It's only my third '54. Stanky is a well-known baseball character so I was happy to get a card of him. Even though the front says Manager he was actually Player-Manager as you can see on the back.
The seller packaged it in a way I had never seen before. He cut a 1990 Donruss Super DK oversized card of Ozzie Guillen and taped the card in with both blue painters tape and double-edged clear tape.
 I peeled the blue tape off as best as I could, covered the double-sided tape with single-sided tape, and then taped the two sides together. Looks like the seller actually trimmed off a bit of the middle of the card, so Ozzie looks a little deformed. Still, it's my first 1990 Super DK, a fun add to my collection and it means I got the two cards for $0.11 each.

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