Monday, November 4, 2019

Vintage Backgrounds: Tydol Flying A

One reader asked about the "Flying A" ad I mentioned on some of the '57 baseball cards.
"Flying A" gasoline was sold at Tydol (previously Tidewater Associated, hence the "A") stations from 1920 to 1956 along the east coast. So these 1957 cards were pretty much the last appearance of the logo before Standard Oil pulled the plug on the brand. "Flying A" signs, gas pumps, etc are very popular among petroliana collectors - you often see them on American Pickers, for example. I'd love to collect that stuff but it's much too rich for my blood.

Some photos I found online . . .
One person's collection.
An East Barrington, NH filling station in 1949.
Duke Snider takes a spill in front of a Tydol sign at Ebbets Field in 1951.

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