Friday, November 22, 2019

1981 Topps Bob Grich

The front: Extreme close-up at spring training.

The back: During the streak Grich hit .457 with 9 HR and 20 RBI.

The player: Grich was one of the best second basemen in the major leagues in the 1970s and early 1980s. A six-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove, he hit .266 with 320 doubles, 224 HR and 864 RBI. He twice walked over 100 times in a season and frequently walked more than he struck out. He was a player who did everything very well but did not have one area where he was an all-time great. Some sabermetrically-inclined fans argue that he is Hall-of-Fame-worthy due to his all-around numbers, though few writers have agreed. Personally, I lean toward a “Small Hall” of only the truly all-time greats, so I have no problem with someone who was “merely” very good not being a Hall-of-Famer.

The man: He is Vice President, Commercial Sales at Fidelity National Title Insurance, and President of the Association of Professional Ballplayers of America.

My collection: I have 35 of his cards, from 1972 to 1987. I would be interested in trading for 1971 Topps #103.

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