Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Vintage Backgrounds: Seals Stadium and Rainbo Bread

I was intrigued by the background of Georges Maranda's 1960 Topps card.
Rainbo Bread is a local SF-area baked goods company that still exists today, though it does not appear to have been advertised widely since the 1960s. The sign was prominent on the outfield wall of Seals Stadium, which was the Giants home park in their first two years in San Francisco. The park was demolished after the '59 season and today the location is a shopping center anchored by a Safeway. Here's a photo with a better view of that sign and several other colorful signs that are very evocative of the time.


  1. When MLB teams wear throwback jerseys, maybe they should post throwback advertisements on the outfield walls, too. And sell hot dogs for a nickel. That would be something.

  2. When I saw that Rainbo was a SF company that still exists today, I had to look them up. As soon as I saw their current logo, I realized I've been buying their bread for years (although not on a regular basis). Never took the time to realize the company was named Rainbo. We learn something new every day.