Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Time Travel Trade and More with Diamond Jesters

One of the newer blogs out there is Diamond Jesters. Diamond Jesters has a really cool project going on called Time Travel Trading. Matt bought a pack of 2018 Topps cards in the beginning of the year, with the idea of starting a series of trades where each time the cards that came back were older and older. In other words, you can claim any card as long as you send back an older one. The trade stack now has mostly 1960s and 1970s cards, but the oldest one is from 1938! Go check it out.

I sent Matt some '60s and '70s cards for a few modern cards I needed . . .
 . . . and some awesome vintage as well.
 We ended up making it a bigger trade - including my first 2018 flagship cards. Yep, it took until the end of August for me to end up with some of these.
 That's probably because I've been focusing so much on vintage! I sent Matt a couple hundred modern Red Sox cards for the cards you see here. I would be very happy to do similar trades with other bloggers, a lot of modern cards for a few of your vintage. These were cards Matt won in a contest that didn't really fit in his collection. But they sure do fit in mine. I don't mind the writing on them at all.
 1963 & 1964
 That Ernie Broglio card deserves a closer look. The kid who wrote "Cubs" on it didn't realize he was documenting what would become one of baseball's most famous trades. It's also interesting that he originally wrote "Traded to Mets" but then crossed it out. I can't find any mention of a possible Broglio-to-Mets trade - maybe it was just a mistake on the kid's part?


  1. That's a nice haul of vintage & new stuff. The writing on the Broglio is definitely unique.

    Matt's Time Travel Trading is one of my favorite series of posts. I hope he ends up with a '52 Topps Mickey Mantle at the end of this, lol.

    1. Thanks for the kind comment! I don't think the whole stack would net me a '52 Mantle! (and if it did, I'm writing a book!)

  2. Wow you got your post up quick! It'll take some time for me to go through all the goodness you sent! I wonder if there's the matching Brock card from this person's collection,with the Cardinals written in of course!