Sunday, June 5, 2016

Really nice garage sale pickup

A couple of years ago I got two really big scores from garage sales. Did it again today. Got 36 boxes and two binders of cards for less than $1.50 per box/binder. Estimating about 300-400 cards per box and it's about 3 cards to a penny. The vast majority is Topps cards from 2010-2012 (base, heritage, various color and shiny parallels, a&g, various inserts etc) and Mets cards ranging from junk wax to pretty high end stuff. Plenty of other stuff too.

Needless to say there will be a lot to trade from this haul, so if you are a Mets fan or need cards from 2010-2012 let me know. Just don't expect it to be a quick trade as this will take a long time to organize!

Too much for one post so here are just some card to give you a general idea of what is in there, as well as an idea of what might be up for trade. I'll deal with some of the really cool stuff in future posts.

Starting with this one just because it was one of the first to catch my eye. I'd seen cards from this 1982 TCMA set online but never owned one before.
 Kind of a weird looking card. Pretty sure I saw more than one. It's an insert from 2000 Topps. If you have 2000 Topps needs let me know as there was a lot of that in the haul.
 This one is for MiJohn, who I accidentally faked out on a trade recently. There were a lot of David Wrights as you can see so I'm sure we'll be able to do a trade this time.
 Most of the trade was white card boxes of various sizes. (I'd say 15 were 800-count alone). There were some other boxes too though. The 2007 Mets box and the 2011 Topps box are both sealed. I'm hoping to have the 2011 set completed with the many many singles in various boxes so I would have the full set to trade. The other boxes are boxes of packs, every single one of which was opened and presumably searched for the good stuff, with the rest of the cards often still in the wrapper.
 These were the kinds of boxes where you'd go through a bunch of junk wax and all of a sudden there would be a rare card of a big name.
 There was a lot of football, and I passively collect football so I will be holding on to most of it. There was also a fair amount of basketball, so if anyone collects basketball cards let me know. (If no one else is interested - SpastikMooss they will likely go your way).
 Most of the best cards were Mets cards, but there were a few Yankee gems like this shiny Derek Jeter insert.
 Don't know if this is of interest for trade for anyone? A commemorative Curtis Martin Jets program.
 There was some non-sport all of which is up for trade. Shrek, WWE, a lot of Sponge Bob. Even this chromy/refractory Justin Bieber sticker.
 Lots of shiny! Diamond, liquefractor, etc.
 Looks like 2013 were the most recent cards in the haul. Cardinals in green just doesn't seem right.
 There were a lot of baseball card magazine cutouts of Mets, which is fairly unusual to come across.
Stay tuned for future posts about the various "hits" in the collection!


  1. Wow! Great find! Love all the randomness! Would be fun to go through all of it!

  2. Congratulations on the huge purchase! Can't wait to see what hidden treasures you find in this haul.