Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Garage sale finds: vintage

I am still going through these boxes and finding stuff. Yesterday I posted a Daniel Bard Topps 60 relic card - I found a second one yesterday so one is up for trade.

Not everything was 2010/2011 in these boxes - there was some 1970s-1990s stuff as well. I found this 1970 Harry Walker card early on and took a photo because I figured that would certainly be the oldest in the set.
However, there turned out to be a few much older cards in there! Amazing to find these for less than a penny tucked into a garage sale find.

Here is a 1961 Chuck Dressen card. On the back it says he expects the Braves to win the World Series that year. They ended up finishing fourth in the National League. 
 A 1959 Dale Long. He is famous for a record eight game HR streak (later tied by Mattingly and Griffey).
 Finally, two cards from 1958! Larry Jackson won 194 games in a fourteen-year career.
  And one more from 1958 - this Charlie Lau rookie card is so pristine I thought it was a reprint at first. He had a ten-year playing career but is best known as a very famous hitting coach.

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