Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Garage sale find: autographs

While I don't actively collect autographs, they always look nice on cards and it's fun to find them randomly sprinkled in a haul like this. These autographs generally stick to the theme of this collection, which was Mets and anything Topps 2010/2011.

I'm not a fan of Ron Darling so I'm kind of glad that the autograph is actually on a non-Mets card.
 Even better is Omir Santos signing a Yankee card. He was a Yankees prospect but played in the majors for the Mets, most famously hitting a game-winning home run in Fenway Park.
 A famous Mets disappointment.
  This card is interesting. Not for the front...
 but the back, where there is a note presumably indicating where the autograph took place. The Cardinals won the game 6-4.
 One more Mets auto, from 1992 Topps.
 Finally a couple of autos from 2010 Topps Peak Performance.
Neither guy was trying really hard to make a legible signature.

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  1. Love the Darling! Was a big fan of his back in the day.