Sunday, June 5, 2016

More from the garage sale

This isn't even the good stuff yet.

I saw this card and figured I'd weigh in on the little controversy going on in the blogosphere. While I love Night Owl, I have to disagree with him on Chase Utley. In 30 years of hating the Mets, Utley's dirty slide was one of the very very few times I actually sided with the Mets in a controversy.
 Speaking of Mets, who are the Mets bloggers out there? (Who is the Mets supertrader?) I am going to have a ton of stuff to trade. Among the stuff in this guy's binders were a ton of Keith Hernandez cards, for example. There were often two or three of the same card in a pocket.
 There were also a ton of Johan Santana cards from his time on the Twins. I guess he had stocked up on his cards when he signed with the Mets.

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