Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jason Jennings on baseball cards

Jason Jennings, the 2002 National League Rookie of the Year, pitched nine seasons in the major leagues, winning 62 games. Now the owner of the Pastime Training Center in Frisco, TX, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I collected cards when I was younger. My dad would always stop by the gas station on the way to practice and get me a pack of cards and I would chew the nasty stick of gum while at practice. My best memory as a pro was when I first signed I was in Low-A Asheville and Topps wanted me to sign 1,000 cards in one day. They said if I did they'd have a Nolan Ryan poster waiting for me. It took till the 7th inning of the game that night (obviously it wasn't my night to pitch) to get it done, but I wanted that poster."

Thanks! I don't have the autographed version of that card, but do have the regular version.

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  1. Jennings was always a favorite of mine. Cool story. I always wondered if non-participating players signed cards/stickers during games.