Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gary Resetar on baseball cards

Gary Resetar played in the Twins, Indians and Rockies organizations from 1988 to 1995. His best season was 1990, when he hit .278 with 4 HR and 44 RBI for the Orlando Sun Rays. Now a Project Manager for the construction company Flintco, where his projects have included the construction of the new Oklahoma Federal Building, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I used to get a kick out of pitchers that wanted to take their photo with a bat or guys that would borrow a lefty (or righty) glove to mess with someone who checked the back of their card to see which hand they threw with…. Not exactly hilarious or anything, but it was amusing.

I don’t collect baseball cards myself. But I have tried to keep copies of my own cards, and I do have whole sets of most of the teams I played for. I just keep them for my own memories. My favorite card of me would probably be my first baseball card from 1989 when I was with the Kenosha Twins. Just because it was my first. As far as any other cards that are a favorite…. I have one and only one that is a cherished item. I grew up in New Jersey and was a Yankee fan. I have a Thurman Munson baseball card that has been a bookmark for every book I have read since college. It is well worn now, and one of my kids got hold of it when he was a toddler. He did a number on it, but I was able to tape it up and salvage it. I have never been worried about it as a collector’s item. It has been something valuable to me as Munson was one of only 2 players I can say I idolized as a kid and baseball player growing up. So I make sure to keep it safe."

Thanks! I have one card of him in my collection, from 1991 Line Drive.

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  1. I was trying to price the card shown above, out of a box someone handed down, and read this. Y'all sound nice; if he wants another copy of that card [not new, but quite good], I'll send it no charge (unless he insists, then I'd accept a not-valuable card of a player he's pals with, but autographed by Gary, then see if something harmlessly amusing happens when I try to sell it). Or if the thought of me doing a serious little dance around the house amuses you, 20$ would accomplish that 🙂 These cards were an unlooked for kindness, so a promise to pay it forward and acknowledgement of receipt after it arrives would truly suffice. 🙃✌