Monday, February 13, 2012

Frank Catalanotto on baseball cards

Frank Catalanotto played fourteen seasons in the major leagues, hitting .291 in over 4000 at-bats. Now the owner of vitamin supplement company Proven 4 and the Frank Catalanotto Foundation, which raises money and awareness for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I was a big baseball card collector when I was growing up. Some of my favorites were my Don Mattingly and Dave Winfield rookie cards. I was a huge Yankee fan. When I got to the major leagues I always made sure I got a bunch of my cards from that particular year. My favorite card of myself is a 2002 Donruss Elite which has my career best .330 BA on the front of the card. The only story I have about cards of myself and others is in the spring of 2008 a bunch of us on the Texas Rangers decided to grow mustaches so we would have baseball cards with mustaches on them. I grew a fu manchu and have a card of myself that looks pretty funny. Out of the 8 or 9 guys that said they were going to do it, there wound up being only 3 or 4 that actually went through with it. "

Thanks! I looked at all the Rangers in 2008 Topps Heritage online and the others with mustaches are Ramon Vazquez and Milton Bradley.

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  1. If Detroit had kept him and allowed to play full time I think he was going to being great. He had a penchant for clutch hits.