Friday, September 30, 2011

Predictions revisited and playoffs previewed

I was going to review my preseason predictions even before Night Owl said anyone who doesn't is gutless. Besides, I did pretty good this year. Here is the original link.

AL East - I was 5 for 5! Though not always for the right reasons - I thought the reason the Rays would edge the Red Sox for the wild card was Manny Ramirez.

AL Central - I was 0 for 5! Who would have thought the Twins would lose 99 games? The Yankees sure are going to miss their ALDS patsy this week.

AL West: I was 4 for 4! So in the American League I got two divisions completely right and one completely wrong.

NL East: Only mistake was switching the Marlins and Nationals. But who cares whether a sub-.500 team finishes 3rd or 5th?

NL Central: Didn't do so well here, though to give myself credit, even though I picked the Brewers third, I did say they had a good shot to win the division.

NL West: Didn't do so great here either but who expected Ian Kennedy to turn into Doug Drabek? Another Yankee pitcher traded away who becomes a superstar after he leaves.

Now its postseason time.
ALDS - Yankees/Tigers - I'm of course rooting for the Yankees but don't feel good about this team. Other than Nova, Cano and the bullpen this team has just looked tired the past few weeks. Maybe they'll kick it back in gear for the playoffs but it's also possible that their age is catching up with them. If Sabathia can't outduel Verlander the Yankees are in big trouble. Remember, it's been ten years since the Yankees won an ALDS against anyone other than the Twins.

ALDS - Rangers/Rays - I'm more scared of Texas than Tampa, so I'll be rooting for the Rays on the off chance the Yankees can get by the Tigers.

NLDS - Cardinals/Phillies - The Cardinals are my NL team so of course I'll be rooting for them but it's hard to see how any team from either league could beat the Phillies. They might go 11-0.

NLDS - Diamondbacks/Brewers - Hard to get excited about this one. Besides, given the other marquee matchups these games are probably going to be on at 11 AM or something.

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