Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Player Profile: Brian J. Anderson

I have seventeen Brian Anderson cards. This one is from 1996 Score.

Playing career: Brian Anderson pitched thirteen seasons in the major leagues, for the Angels, Indians, Diamondbacks and Royals. He went 82-83 with a 4.74 ERA.

My memories: I remember him being very good with the Indians, and thought he would be a star. In retrospect, that was probably due to his great postseason in 1997. He then was drafted by Arizona, and being picked in the expansion draft is not really the route to stardom.

Where he is now: Broadcaster for the Rays since 2008.

Google Autocomplete results: Brian Anderson is seventh when you type Brian A, between Brian and Shannon Gore, accused child-killers, and Brian Alvarez, a firefighter arrested on arson charges. Another prominent Brian Anderson is the Senior Editor of City Journal.

Coming up next: The next profile will be Brian N. Anderson.

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  1. Saw a post from last year on Brian Grebeck. Would you know at what high school he's coaching at?