Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wally Joyner got dissed

When Studio first came out, they had all kinds of personal information about the baseball players. One of the less well-thought out questions they asked was "Who is your closest friend in baseball?" Sure enough, they didn't always check to make sure the answers synced up. So in 1992 Wally Joyner answers, "Kirk McCaskill."

But McCaskill lists two best friends, and neither one is Joyner.

Wally can't have been too happy when he found out that his best friend Kirk didn't consider him his best friend, or even his second-best friend. Probably confronted him in the Angels clubhouse and said, "DeNiro sucks! He's no Kevin Costner or Mark Harmon!"

You may have gotten over stuff like this in junior high, but the Joyner-McCaskill "closest friend" fued soured the Angels clubhouse atmosphere to such an extent that they never made the playoffs in the 1990s. And Studio never again asked the loaded "friend question."

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