Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today's Game Has Been Postponed

I went to the new Yankee Stadium for the first time today. It seems like a great place to watch a baseball game. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate. (This is a picture of my cell phone's picture; will have to do until I get a micro sd card.)

The only major differences between this ballpark and the old one were the main entrance and the bathrooms, both of which make you feel like you are in a mall. The rest of the stadium just seems like a slightly more futuristic version of Yankee Stadium. I was impressed by how much it felt like the old place.

One new feature to the ballpark is the Yankees Museum. Most of it was just autographed baseballs, and not just from famous Yankees. Balls signed by Wally Whitehurst and Scott Proctor are not far from those signed by Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Some cool stuff it did have included six World Series trophies, Thurman Munson's locker, and a retrospective of how seats at the stadium have changed over time. The outside wall of the museum had several blowups of old Yankee baseball cards, including one of this 1985 Topps Don Mattingly.

The only other baseball-card related aspect to the Stadium I noticed was that the pitching matchup is brought to you by Topps. Today's Topps pitching matchup would have been Philip Hughes vs. Joe Saunders.

On a somewhat related note, I wanted to post a picture of a rainy baseball card. Oddly, I couldn't think of a single card showing a player in the rain. Are there any I'm not thinking of? The closest I could find was this one of Bubba Trammell batting in a tidal wave, brought to you by those crazy folks at Metal.

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  1. Bummer. That sucks. I'm six hours away from Yankee Stadium and we had sunshine all day.