Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baseball card stories from Chris Haney

Chris Haney, who pitched eleven years in the major leagues and is the son of former major league catcher and coach Larry Haney, kindly answered my request to share some baseball card stories.

"I guess my favorite card would be one of my rookie cards that Topps put out. There is nothing really unusual about it. My dad was still on the field coaching in Milwaukee and I was in the National league at the time. We had a day off in Chicago and dad had a night game in Milwaukee so I went up to see my parents. Dad had set up for their team photographer to take some father son photos in uni together. One of those shots ended up being one of my first cards. I have on my uni with Dan Plesac's glove and shoes."

"As far as other cards. I definitely collected as a kid, prolly have 10,000 cards. Never understood how the card company let that Billy Ripken card slip in that first run with the obscenity on the end of his bat. Always got a kick out of that. So I guess that would be the one I find most interesting."

Thanks, Chris!
In all the years I had this card I didn't realize it was of a National League player in an American League park - that must have been very rare in the pre-interleague era.
He is also the second player to tell me his favorite card was the Bill Ripken obscenity card - the first was Chuck Cary.

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