Monday, May 25, 2009


Turk Wendell was easily one of the most eccentric players of the last twenty years. His 1994 Collectors Choice card managed to capture two of them.
Jumping over the foul line:

Drawing crosses on the pitchers mound:

Some of his other eccentricities included brushing his teeth between innings and waving to this center fielder at the start of each inning.

Too bad players like Mark Fidrych and Kevin Rhomberg retired before sets like Collectors Choice came around. Early 80s Topps would never post a picture of Fidrych talking to the ball or Rhomberg chasing someone who touched him.

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  1. I remember him getting a lot of flak from announcers for brushing his teeth between every inning. But he did have a valid reason. Instead of chew, he always had a big plug of black licorice in his jaw while he pitched.
    Can you imagine what his teeth would look like if he didn't brush????