Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Andre Dawson Takes One in the Face

It's not too often a baseball card will feature a player getting beaned - but that's exactly what Classic did in it's 1988 card of Andre Dawson.

This was a big deal at the time - seven Cubs were ejected and a very similar photo, maybe the same one, made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The back of this card is interesting too. Dawson's college statistics at Florida A&M seem lost to history - the only thing I can find on the internet is that he was considered a "skinny center fielder" when Montreal drafted him.

And that last question - does anyone call home runs "gophers" anymore? I remember in 1987, that original year of the home run, they were often called "taters" by the media. That expression seems gone as well.

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  1. The first time I heard "taters" was with George Scott back in the '70s with the Brewers and Red Sox. The term kind of hung around for awhile after he left, but, like you said, nobody uses it much anymore.