Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wade Boggs: Better than Pie

In my stack of Yankee cards from David of TribeCards, Wade Boggs was definitely the most well represented; there were probably fifteen or twenty different Boggs cards. One of the weirdest was his 1994 Stadium Club, which proclaimed him "Better than Pie." Did Margo Adams write that headline?

Oh, Pie Traynor. Still, what's up with that giant hand in the background?

Here is a card from a set I never heard of - Pinnacle Aficionado. I love it, though - I have a weakness for shiny cards.

Circa was one of those bizarre mid-nineties sets like Metal that depicted players in comic-book like situations. I guess Boggs feels like Neil Armstrong because he seems to be walking on some kind of red planetary landscape - perhaps Wade was the first man on Mars?

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