Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trade with Mike from Wisconsin

Got some cards yesterday in a trade with Mike from Wisconsin. He is a Brewer fan and vintage card collector. In exchange for some Brewers to fill his wants, he sent me a whole bunch of early 80's Topps.

Highlights include Bruce Sutter's amazing beard . . .

Topps's amazingly bad airbrushing of John Denny . . .

. . . and Mike Brown sporting aviator glasses and a double flap batting helmet, looking like he's going to jump in the cockpit of an F-16 rather than step to the plate in a lazy spring training game.

There were also a couple of subtle errors. Can you find them? First there is 1984 Topps Jesse Orosco All Star:

He likes to paint and sculpture? Does he also like to baseball?

Then there's this 1984 Topps Tom Lasorda.

195 pounds? Really Topps? You're not fooling anyone when you put his picture right there on the front of the card. I think he saw this card in 1984 and realized he better get on the Slim-Fast.

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