Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scott Brosius's favorite card

My project to contact former players to ask them about their cards got a reply from it's biggest name yet - Scott Brosius, hero of the 1998 World Series and one of the classiest men to put on the Yankee uniform.
" To be honest is was never a collector of cards and didn’t pay much attention to them. I had one favorite card though, as it featured me holding my daughter. I only autographed one of those cards, and it was the one I gave to her. "
How sweet! The card he refers to is his 1997 Pinnacle card.

There is a very similar photo in the book called "Baseball's Best Shots," so the picture may not have originally been Pinnacle's. Or were there a bunch of photographers standing around watching him play with his daughter?

Of course, Brosius is best remembered by Yankee fans for his game winning home run off of Trevor Hoffman in the 1998 World Series, so here is a card featuring that memorable blast.

Thanks, Scott!

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