Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Uneven White Sox

Here is another card that gives a little behind the scenes into the making of cards. Here is a 1979 Topps White Sox Rookies Card, with pictures of Ross Baumgarten, Mike Colbern, and Mike Squires. Here we see that Colbern's picture has actually spilled over into Baumgarten's square. I assume that Topps put together the card by putting the three photos next to each other and then superimposed the border. Did they not notice that they misaligned the photos in this case?

Or perhaps their only Baumgarten photo was somehow too short?

Or maybe Baumgarten was holding a bat that said "**** Face" on the right side of the photo and Topps only discovered it when they were putting together the card.

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  1. Points given for showing the highly valued Mike Squires rookie card (well, I value it highly).