Thursday, March 26, 2009

RangerAid is Thirst Aid

Powerade will not suffice for John "Don't Call me Johnny" Grubb. Nor will Gatorade, and certainly not the Hatorade. No, only a nice refreshing glass, er, paper cup of the drink that powered the Texas Rangers to a 64-98 record in 1982, a mere 29 games behind first place California.

Does any Ranger fan or anyone else remember this drink? I can't find a mention of it online. I love the early 80s font on the cup, it reminds me of a Roy Rogers restaurant.


  1. I found a couple mentions of it in some forum: (search for "ranger aid")

    Evidently, it could be bought at Eckerd's back in the day.

  2. Great detective work, David!