Thursday, December 3, 2020

1981 Topps Dan Spillner


The front: If an all-sand card is a Tatooine card, what is an all-sky card? If it was cloudy I guess it would be Bespin. Not sure what this would be.

The back: Spillner's 16 wins in 1972 were second to Dave Freisleben.

The player: Spillner came up with the Padres as a starter, and moved to the bullpen in 1976. He was traded to the Indians in 1978. Cleveland moved him back to the starting rotation in 1980 and he went 16-11, but he moved back to the bullpen the following season. His last season was 1985 with the White Sox. He was an effective reliever for them (4-3, 3.44 ERA) but due to collusion he was unable to sign with a team for 1986. He was later awarded over $400,000 as a victim of collusion.

The man: Since his retirement Spillner construction and been a youth baseball coach.

My collection: I have 25 of his cards, from 1975 to 1986. I would be interested in trading for 1983 Fleer stamps #NNO.


  1. Spillner has a very unusual batting stat line. In his career, he has 10 hits in 130 PAs and a .077 average. He drew 19 walks though. In fact, he has the most walks of anyone with 10 or fewer career hits.

  2. Weird. Decent player, but he doesn't seem like collusion material.

  3. And one of only 16 players born in Wyoming to play Major League Baseball.