Thursday, April 2, 2020

Worn and dirty cards for $30

One more internet purchase I made in the past week. I've got to stop spending so much time online! 158 cards for $30, all vintage, mostly in pretty bad shape. Though I generally don't care about condition, and there were a lot of good cards here at just under 20 cents per card. I'll show the keepers first. For the dupes, I will usually make available better-conditioned cards than the ones here.

First, the keepers. The big card is the '61 AL Home run leaders. My first "league leaders" Mantle card. Anything with Mickey on it goes for a big premium so I was happy to get that card for so little. My first '69 decal is a great one, even is some of Clemente's face is missing. And any vintage Bowman card is a great acquisition. I particularly love the '53 Sid Gordon, those '53s are just fantastic looking.
 1950s Topps. My first '52! Also three '54s. William Harridge is card #1 in the '56 set. That Sievers all-star is heavily trimmed but still pretty cool.
 I wanted to show off the back of the card of Cubs coach Ray Blades. It's not every day you get a card from someone active in the game at the time of the card printing, with a birthdate in the 1800s!
 Early 60s. Got quite a few '63s, which is a set I don't have much from. I particularly like the Series Foes card.
 I did real well with '65. Whitey Ford! Denny McLain rookie card! And the Yankees rookies is a high number.
 Three '66's highlighted by the Yankees team card. Technically this has Mantle on it too.
 I noticed something strange about this picture though. There's Yogi Berra in the front row, and he was with the Mets in 1965.

This couldn't be a 1965 photo! A little internet research reveals the picture was actually the '63 Yankees. The '64 Topps card (one I don't have) has almost the same photo, clearly from the same shoot. In the bottom row Yogi is fourth from right, Mickey is second from right.
I got a few '68 needs, including a Frank Robinson checklist and three high-numbers.
 Four '70s needs. Jose Pagan is a high number.
 Vintage oddballs! My first '73 Fleer Wildest Plays, my first '69 Milton Bradleys, my first '63 Post. I don't go after vintage oddballs like I do the Topps sets, but it's nice to have a little sample. The '78 Randolph is the Burger King version, the '79 Seaver is an OPC.
 Now, what you have been waiting for - here's what's up for trade! An extra Fleer Wildest, a '63, a '64. 1965 Don Lock is a high number. The best one is the '67 Koufax league leaders - I know Night Owl is working on a '67 set, anyone else? I might have a better-conditioned version to trade, will have to check.
 Lots of '68s. Marichal has some writing. Aparicio is missing a corner but I probably have a better one. At least one of each of the first six checklists. Tsitouris is a high-number.
 '69-72. Mostly commons here.
 Some big names in '73-75, though, including one Aaron-related card in each set.
 '76-78. Anyone desperate enough for a '77 Brooks Robinson or a '77 Dale Murphy rookie that they would trade for these? If not I will probably insert them randomly into some trade packages as a surprise extra.


  1. Wow, some cool stuff there! I think the Denny McLain rookie was the last card I needed to finish '65 Topps.

  2. Someone really doesn't like multi-player rookie card!

    1. Awesome way to end the post. Those giant X's definitely caught my eye too.

  3. I'd take that deal all day! Ray Blades had to be one of the few people born in the 1800s to get a Topps baseball card.