Friday, April 3, 2020

Stuck stickers

I finished putting my stickers in my albums. Here's a look at the page in each album with the most stickers.

I only have one sticker from 1981, Ron Guidry.
 I have nine stickers from 1982. Eight of them are the Mets team set. I don't remember when I accumulated these.
 I had a lot of 1983's from a big acquisition over the summer. Some big names in the future stars, including Boggs and Ripken.
 I don't have many from 1984; most I actually had since I was a kid, but didn't have the book to put them in. Three big names on the Phillies.
 Not many 84's either. Those oddly-shaped stickers must have ripped a lot for young hands.
 The 1986 book was my introduction to baseball. While I am not actively trading for stickers at this time, if I was, this would be the one I'd want to collect.
 I only have two stickers from 1987, this one and the lower half of the two-part Dave Righetti record breaker. I didn't realize until I had stuck them that they were actually O-Pee-Chee's, not Topps.
 1988 was a big change as the sticker backs were now cards themselves. This means I had a lot more of the stickers for the last three books. Also, stickers that came off the thicker cardboard were harder to stick after 30+ years, so I often had to tape them in. Eight stickers on this page!
 Five was the most for any one page in 1989.
 I have by far the most for the 1990 book, including a whopping 15 of the 20 All-Stars!


  1. Very cool, and a good challenge to try to fill them all.

  2. These albums bring back so many good memories. I'll keep an eye out for stickers for you.

  3. I don't think I had any of these as a Kid. I had a couple Panini albums though.

  4. I've been searching for a box of 1983 stickers and an album... because I'd love to relive my childhood and fill up an album.

  5. '82 Topps sticker book rules. It's the only one that I care about. Still need that Dwight Evans.