Monday, October 28, 2019

Wallet Card and Mailbox History - Part II

Is there a pillar next to your local mailbox? Like this?
If so, it means that before there was a full-sized mailbox, there was a much smaller one attached to the pillar. There are several of these in the town I live in (Oceanside, NY). I moved in in 2015 and there were already full-size mailboxes, but the last Google Street View, from 2012, showed that there were still the smaller ones at that time.
Even cooler, just like mailboxes, the pillars are dated. It's a bit hard to read but that says 1937 - over 80 years ago!


  1. Pretty neat. Don't recall ever seeing these.

  2. I don't think we had these in the town I grew up in. But check out what those posts are made of! It's like the old-fashioned conglomerate concrete.

  3. Pretty neat! I've never seen, or even heard of, these before -- it sure would be neat to own one!

  4. I have definitely never known these existed.