Tuesday, October 1, 2019

This morning's in-person blogger trade

Like I did a few months ago, I did an in-person trade with fellow NY-area blogger Greg of Nine Pockets. I gave him the '91 Topps I had pulled out of my recent junk wax haul as he is working on completing the set. At 400 cards it wasn't nearly as much as some other sets but hopefully it gets him a lot closer.

I didn't ask for anything in return - the cards were free for me and it wasn't costing me any postage to give them to him - but Greg kindly gave me three cards in exchange anyway. Two vintage, one modern, all Hall-of-Famers. I took a quick photo on the way to work as I cut across the NY Public Library front entrance area.


  1. I like how Steve Carlton is poking his head in from the corner.

  2. Love the 1976 Topps TSN All-Time All-Stars cards. Love getting together with fellow bloggers in person a tad bit more.