Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Nice to come away with a win

This weekend I sold off about 30,000 junk wax cards for $35. That's $110 total for cards that were free. I also got a cheap upgrade of the '66 Whitey Ford. The de-faced/re-faced one has already been claimed.

And the Yankees won! It's hard to sweep a team in the playoffs the way the Yankees repeatedly do to the Twins. The Yankees are going to have a much harder time against a team that can actually field a top-flight pitching staff, not the replacement-level guys the Twins had.

Still, it was a fun, fairly low-pressure series. Great Game 3 for Gleyber Torres, with a home run, two doubles and some great defense.


  1. I figured the Yankees would win, but I'm a little disappointed in the Twins. I was hoping for a slugfest the whole way. They went out with a whimper instead.

  2. Really hoped the Twins would give the Yanks something resembling competition. They really got trounced.