Friday, October 4, 2019

ALDS time

It's playoff time tonight! Actually there have been four playoff games already but my team's games start tonight. The Yankees and Twins are really mirror images of each other - they hit a ton of home runs, but other than that they are only OK. This has been a really fun team to watch but objectively I know their pitching is not good enough to go all the way in October, and their offense isn't much if you can keep them in the ballpark.

The Yankees have had so much success against the Twins in the regular season and playoffs, and I am afraid they will take the Twins for granted with one eye on the Astros. I remember Phil Rizzuto used to joke that the Yankees would beat the Dodgers every year, and they got worried that they would give up and leave town. So they let them win one and they left anyway! Hoping the Yankees can keep their focus and do away with the Twins.

For content I took a nice photo of a card of each current Yankee that had come in my recent trade with Sportscards from the Dollar Store. Unfortunately I forgot to upload it so you will get this old one instead. Hopefully the Yankees will make it to the ALCS and I'll get another chance to post it.
I may be just about the only blogger who feels this way but Go Yankees!

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  1. Hey, there's at least one other blogger who agrees - Go Yankees!