Sunday, October 6, 2019

Good start

The Yankees played two games within 24 hours and won both, outscoring Minnesota 18-6. Series goes back to Minnesota on Monday night, and hopefully the Yankees don't let up. I've seen them do that before (1995 against Seattle, 2004 against Boston). Other than Paxton the pitching has been good so far, and the lineup 1-9 has been clicking. The biggest hit so far was the grand slam today by Didi Gregorious. That was a fun moment. Here's his Topps Heritage card in the underrated '68 design.


  1. That Didi slam was pretty epic! Loved how he knew he launched it... and just stood there and admired it.

  2. I hope the series goes to 5 games. The Yankees have looked really efficient. As a Twins fan, I am not surprised by the outcome so far, but I hold out hope for a more competitive game tomorrow.