Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1989 Pawtucket Red Sox (ProCards)

The Pawsox keep it really simple - both the team name and the uniform make it very clear which big league team they belong to.
 The medical bag and bright red sweatpants make this one of the better trainer cards out there.
 How's this for a player development fail? The Pawsox had two regular second baseman, Chris Cannizzaro and Gary Miller-Jones, for four straight seasons. How long did it take the team to realize neither one was a prospect? Were the Sox incapable of developing a second baseman? [My first thought was, "What about Jody Reed?" Turns out he played shortstop when at Pawtucket.] I don't think you would never see players with four of five years at AAA with one team with such lousy numbers today.

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  1. You wouldn't have some of these for trade would you? The 89 Procard Pawsox I need are:

    677 Checklist
    678 Ed Nottle MGR
    679 Andy Araujo
    680 Tom Bolton
    682 Kevin Romine
    685 John Trautwein
    686 Chris Cannizzaro
    687 John Marzano
    688 Carlos Quintana
    689 Gary Miller-Jones
    693 John Roberts
    697 Luis Rivera
    703 Eric Hetzel
    704 Steve Ellsworth