Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mickey Morandini's favorite cards

Mickey Morandini played eleven seasons in the major leagues, mostly for the Phillies. He had over 1200 major league hits and played in the 1995 All-Star Game. Now the baseball coach for Valparaiso High School in Indiana, he kindly answered my question about his favorite cards.

"Couple of cards stand out for me. A card of me tagging Barry Bonds for the 3rd out of my Unassisted Triple Play and me high fiving a teammate after I hit a Grandslam. My favorite card is one from my rookie year leaping in the air robbing Greg Jeffries of a base hit. I used to collect cards. I don't anymore."

Thanks, Mickey!

The grand slam would have been this game, where his eighth inning grand slam blew open a one-run game as the Phillies beat the Giants, 8-3. Ricky Jordan, Kevin Stocker and Lenny Dykstra scored on the slam which was hit off former Yankee great Dave Righetti.

The 1991 Score card also is from an 8-3 Phillies win, against the Mets on September 16, 1990. Morandini's great catch ended the fourth inning. He was 1-4 in the game, getting a base hit off another former Yankee great, David Cone.


  1. Nice post about Morandini, who had some really neat cards. But it hurts to see David Cone remembered as a former *Yankee* great. :)

  2. Imagine having a former big-leaguer as your high school coach. That would be cool.

  3. I have a rare Mickey Morandini,Little League baseball card! Interested?