Friday, August 28, 2009

Trade with GSNHOF

I got a fun package of random cards from the proprietor of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, SpastikMooss (who should probably be in the Great Blog Name Hall of Fame). In exchange for some Fred McGriffs, funny names, and Red Sox, he sent me some cards with funny picture and errors.

One such funny picture is this 1988 Kurt Stillwell. SpastikMooss says its a laser coming out of his arm. I say it is a searchlight. Either way it seems like an unsporting way to distract the batter.

Here's an error card of Mike Greenwell. I remember when Terry Pendleton first came up Donruss mistakenly called him Jeff on his card. Weird, but he was an unknown so it was somewhat understandable. But why did Score, in 1996, call him "Jeff Greenwell"? He had been an established star for almost a decade at that point. No excuse for this error.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you like the Stillwell too, it's such a weird card hahaha.

    And you're the second person today to comment on my username haha - that's cool. I was in a band sort of in 7th grade named Spastic Moose but spelled Spastik Mooss. The band broke up, but the name lives on haha.