Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A question of autograph etiquette

You are at the ballpark. You hand Rockies pitcher Steve Reed a baseball card to sign and a pen to sign it with. The pen cap is on, so Reed takes it off and puts it in his mouth while using one hand to hold the card and the other to sign it. He then takes the cap back out of his mouth, recaps the pen, and gives you both back.

Do you
A) Refuse to take either, calling him disgusting for putting your pen in his mouth.
B) Sell the pen cap on ebay with a certificate of authenticity of traces of "saliva of a genuine major leaguer"
C) Keep the pen as a collectible, treasuring the "saliva of a genuine major leaguer"
D) Have the saliva on the pen tested for steroids and HGH
E) No reaction, just use as a normal pen cap

(To be fair to Reed, it may well be his own pen that he is using)

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