Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm back . . . did you know I was gone?

I spent the last week on vacation, so I had automated posts going for the previous week to make it look like I was still here. Sorry if they were kind of lame. I figured I did not want to advertise that I was on vacation to people who know my address. Maybe it's a bit paranoid, but it suprises me that so many other baseball card bloggers talk about when they are on vacation to people who they have given their address to but know next to nothing about.

Anyway, I got a nice treat in the mail when I got back - some great random Rangers and Brewers from David at Tribe Cards!

Here's one of the Brewers, a 1992 Score Bill Swift. But wait, Bill Swift was never a Brewer, you say?

You're right, which puts you ahead of Score's editors. I love error cards.

Here's my favorite of the Ranger cards, my newest favorite Yankee, Mark Teixeira.

Tex is a guy who plays baseball the right way, hustling on every play. He won a game for the Yankees by running hard on a two-out popout by A-Rod that should have lost the game but the Mets' Luis Castillo dropped the ball. Most players would just have jogged and ended up on third, but Tex hustled from the get-go and scored the season's most improbable run.

Also, a Teixeira at-bat has more crotch grabs than Michael Jackson's entire video collection. All players have to adjust themselves occasionally, but Tex does it after almost every pitch. Watch for it the next time you watch a Yankee game.


  1. Hoo-hoo! Ow! Chikah-chickah-chikah Tee-Hee! Sorry, that's best MiJac I can do in a comment. Glad you're enjoying the cards!

  2. Lots of crotch grabs -- I think that's a category that would make me eliminate him from the favorite player list.