Monday, August 3, 2009

The Melk Man Delivers

Congrats to Melky Cabrera, the eleventh player in Yankee history to hit for the cycle!

Here's the complete list, thanks to the Daily News.
Melky Cabrera 8/2/09
Tony Fernandez 9/3/95
Bobby Murcer 8/29/72
Mickey Mantle 7/23/57
Joe DiMaggio 5/20/48
Joe Gordon 9/8/40
Buddy Rosar 7/19/40
Lou Gehrig 8/1/37
Joe DiMaggio 7/9/37
Lou Gehrig 6/25/34
Tony Lazzeri 6/3/32
Bob Meusel 7/26/28
Bob Meusel 7/3/22
Bob Meusel 5/7/21
Bert Daniels 7/25/12

Nice to see the Yankees finally beat a good team. Also nice to see that record against good teams in the regular season has no correlation with postseason success.

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