Sunday, June 23, 2024

Wallet card at Gene's Barber Shop

I noticed this the other day, it appears to be a newly revealed sign. The location was a barber shop called Joseph's Barber Shop, in East Rockaway, Long Island. They've moved down the block, and removed the sign on the side of the building. Looks like in an earlier iteration it was known as Gene's Barber Shop. I couldn't find anything online about it, but it's always fun to see an older sign uncovered like this.

To answer a question from the last wallet card post, I don't also take a photo without the card. I kind of which I had when I first started, but now I feel like I am too far down this road so I just do the photo with the card.


  1. I tried searching on the two sites that I have subscriptions for, and couldn't find anything for Gene's or Eugene's (it kind of looks like it could've said that at one time).

  2. It would have been fun to see how long ago Gene's (or Eugene's) barber shop existed. Appreciate you and Jon searching it up.