Monday, June 10, 2024

Cheap little lot

This was a nice little lot, 36 cards for $1.25 shipped. This was the draw for me, an autographed minor league oddball of the all-time nickname Pork Chop Pough. I don't remember seeing a Shop-Rite card before.

I found plenty of other keepers in the lot. It was a nice mixture of cards but heavy on the early 00s Fleer sets.
Plenty of trade bait too.


  1. I've been shopping at Shop Rite pretty much forever and never saw a card with their logo either. Apparently that's from the 1995 Trenton Thunder set with also includes Nomar. But Nomar never had a nickname as great as Pork Chop Pough!

  2. Maybe he had a teammate nicked named mashed tater

  3. Such a cool nickname. I pulled his card from a pack of Upper Deck Minor League cards. That same day, I pulled a card of Motor-boat Jones too.