Thursday, June 20, 2024

Trade with a mysterious Frenchman

I got a great stuffed PWE of cards from a TCDB member known as M_. His username reminds me of how a 19th-century novel, like an Edgar Allan Poe story, would refer to someone as "Mr._" or "M._" to make it sound like a real incident where they can't reveal the people's names.

M_ reached out with some needs for the New York teams in the 1998 Metal football set. The Strahan card is disappointing, clearly not a New York photo. The Leon Johnson card I like much better, with a view from the Empire State Building across the East River to Queens.

I fleshed out the initial offer with more cards for both sides. On my side, part of it was some more Giants cards. Jason Sehorn is an underrated great Giant who doesn't have as many cards as the skill offensive players.
I picked a few baseball cards too. I'm always happy to land mid-1980s Fleer needs.
Finally, a few wonderful, terrific modern cards.

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  1. Strahan looks like he's sliding down the side of a cliff.