Saturday, June 22, 2024

OBC/TCDB roundup

 Here's some more cards that came in this month, mostly from OCB. I've sent out quite a few too. Getting just a bit nervous that nothing I mailed out last week has made it to their destination yet.

Greg Henthorn sent some great vintage cards . . .

. . . and a few days later sent some more great oddballs.
TCDB's Jaysredlegs founds four set needs for me, all Frank Thomas cards. He must really like bubblegum.
Some 1981 football from Michael Salinsky, the big highlight being the Phil Simms second-year card.
Six 1982 stickers from Mark Zentkovich.
Jim Craig sent a pair from the late 1950s.
Scott Jensen of OBC is sjensen on TCDB. We did a one-for-one on TCDB, and he surprised me by surrounding a '71 high number with nine '75 minis!
Trio of '59s from Jon Jeans.
Fun mixed lot of 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s from TJ Valacak.



  1. The background on the Thomas Metal checklist is a lot more subdued most of the others that you've shown. I really like the '59 Bobby Adams. I'm pretty sure that I have at least one copy of it.

  2. I know Jim Craig, he is an amazing trader. We once met up at a Braves game in Atlanta. (He is also on OCT). This guy just about everything sports all of them, non sports, non cards I mean everything. Great guy.

  3. oopsiees, Salinsky is another OCT trading bud.