Thursday, June 13, 2024

Trade with Tdorsay

I got some great, mostly Canadian cards from Tdorsay of TCDB, who is primarily an OPC collector.

Starting off with the most recent cards. I've picked up a lot of McDonald's Donruss Canadian cards from TCDB trades. The Morris actually finishes the small 1992 set for me. Some great photos in the 1993 set including Kelly Gruber eating some dirt.

A little older with a fantastic mascot card.
And finally the vintage. Not showing the front of either card, but a middle and a back. I love the artwork (sadly, uncredited) in the 1970 Topps booklets set. I could see doing a blog series on these if I complete the set, though the last three I need are big ones (Mays, Banks, Gibson).


  1. Aside from just showing the pages, I can't imagine how one would go about turning those booklets into a series.