Thursday, November 30, 2023

Overpaying for vintage cards Part V

I feel that I have been getting better at maximizing value from my eBay star vintage purchases, so I think this is the last time I will use "overpaying" in the title.

I did pay a lot, enough to give me pause, in last week's Greg Morris auction (I managed to be far more restrained this week). I actually didn't do too badly on most of these cards individually, most of the time keeping it to under $4 for most HOFers and under $1.50 for everyone else (mostly high numbers). Rookie cards of HOFers are a different story, kept my cap to $15 and wound up with a Palmer and a Fingers. I also did just over $20 on a '56 Berra, which in my research is actually a good price. Similar for the $7 for the 1960 Banks and $8 for the '55 Bowman. The overpays were probably the '63 Perry ($7 and it's not really his RC); '59 Cepeda for $5 (but it's a great photo). The '54 Mathews is decent at $6 but there is a reason I am hiding half the card (much of his face is ripped off). The backwards card is my first ever Venezuelan card, a '67 Jim Kaat ($5). Are Venezuelan cards the same size as US cards or a little smaller? Not sure if this one was trimmed.

There must not have been a lot of interest in 1966's last week, as I won auction on two of each of some pretty big stars, leaving me with some trade bait. Not in really bad shape either.
$12 was probably too much for this card, but the star power and funny pose make this arguably the best multi-player star card Topps produced.
Under $10 shipped for a '70 Mays is not bad considering it's a semi-high number.
Don't worry this was not an overpay. A rare $0.25 win for a vintage need.
$2.25 is too much for this card but you don't see '63 Fleers very often and they had such good photography, especially compared to Topps.
$3 is solid for this card, I think.
Getting this iconic card for under $10 shipped was fortunate, helped out by the seller calling him "Robert Maris".
This was definitely my favorite of the week, though. Under $9 for a '53 Rizzuto. Like the Mantle last week, I lingered on putting it away, leaving it on my desk for a few days because it is such a delight to look at. Great looking card at my favorite announcer and one of my favorite vintage (i.e. before my time) players.



  1. Solid pickups... I love 1963 Fleer.

  2. You sent me down a rabbit hole. lol

    I don't have any 67 Venezuelan but the SCBS says that they are a tad smaller than a standard card. That came as a surprise to me because the 1959 and 1964 Venezuelan cards I have are the exact same size as regular Topps. That made me look deeper.

    59-62 Standard sized
    64, 66, 68 Standard but some cut up to 1/8 short
    67 Borderless and Cut and Smaller

    And this is only the Topps MLB Venezuelan cards, the Venezuelan League cards are even more all over the place.

  3. 1966 Topps doesn't seem to be very popular with set collectors. You don't hear people dis it like they do with, say, the '61 or '68 sets, they just don't collect it. I would have to imagine that because of this, it's probably one of the more affordable sets from that era.