Wednesday, November 29, 2023

New York Times July 24, 1969

 The front page is ripped, but as you can see the astronauts are nearly home.

Some interesting information about moonquakes and moon rocks. Everything was still so mysterious at that point. One nice thing about looking at old newspapers is that you can just look online to see what happened. Turns out that there is constant tectonic activity on the moon, so detecting a moonquake was no big deal.
All-Star Game! As was almost a yearly occurrence, the NL won and won big, 9-3 with five home runs. Maybe it's just me but I feel like newspaper sports pages had more dynamic photos back then.
Kind of an amusing article about Denny McLain.
I found this article very interesting. Already by 1969 there were serious discussions about cleaning up Times Square and moving from a diverse variety of unique (and often somewhat scandalous) amusements, to a clean, modern square of office buildings and theaters. It took until the 1990s but that transformation has taken place, making for a Times Square that is much safer but less interesting. One thing that is funny is that there was a lot in the article about sign companies being concerned that they would lose out in the transformation, but everything ended up being covered in big signs everywhere, now all digital of course.


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  1. I can only imagine how big of a deal moonquakes were to scientists at the time, especially since there was no way for us to know about them prior to going there.