Friday, September 29, 2023

Kyle Duey on baseball cards

Kyle Duey pitched six seasons in the Blue Jays and Astros organizations, going 24-27 with a 4.04 ERA. His best season was 1992, when he went 7-3 with 7 saves and a 2.57 ERA for Dunedin. Now Director of Wholesale Lending for Valley Strong Credit Union in Bakersfield, CA, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"Myrtle Beach year many of us took error pics for cards, I was holding a bat yet I didn't hit, I think we had some position players doing pitching pics. And if I remember right there was an error card for Brent Bowers I believe, either pic of someone else on his card or vice versa. Found out a lot later I had a Syracuse Chiefs card that was part of a cereal promo, one of those perforated that you took off the box, kind of funny."

Thanks! I don't have that card, and couldn't find a photo of a cereal box card, but here is one from my collection.


  1. Awesome! Great response from Kyle Duey.

  2. That cereal card must've been a regional thing. I had no idea that anyone was still doing those that late.