Sunday, September 24, 2023

Cards from The Collector

 Chris, The Collector, had a nice giveaway recently and I was fortunate to be able to pick a few fun cards.

I think the retro Charlie Keller is my favorite. Herb Score, one of the best ballplayers to come out of Long Island, is great too. The other two look like teammates warming up in the bullpen.

Some chrome and shiny cards here. Hard to tell but the Morales is very shiny too.
I found some football cards I liked too. The thousand yard inserts take me back to my childhood, as does an Eric Dickerson sighting. Got to admit I don't remember Jerell Adams, but Jason-Pierre Paul had a good Giants career.


  1. Nice to see these fit your collection. Enjoy!

  2. I thought about picking that Keller. Glad I didn't; sounds like you'll enjoy it more. My favorites of what I got are an Ike Davis rookie, an OPC Davey Lopes, and a sparkly Johnny Damon parallel.

  3. He may be a violent @-hole, but that is a great card of Urias...

  4. Jered Weaver used to kill the Mariners seemingly every time he pitched against them.