Sunday, September 24, 2023

Incoming: TCDB and OBC

Lots of incoming mail this week, including two OCB trades.

 I've had a few great trades now with OP_Cards where I send him a lot of modern cards for a few big-name vintage ones. I sent him 100+ modern Bowman, Fleer etc and came back with these big six. Can't go wrong with any of them but the '53 Monte Irvin is definitely my favorite.

 A couple of vintage cards in this trade with twinscollector34 but I really love all the junkwax-era oddballs. My favorite here is the Smokey Bear card at Yankee Stadium with Mike Pagliarulo, who was my favorite Yankee when I first started following baseball. Also, check out the card of Dave Winfield pitching!


 Meanwhile, the OBC welcome wagon continues. To answer a comment from last time, this isn't anything special for me, this is how they greet all new members. Even though they tell me I don't need to, I've been trying to send something back to everyone who sends cards to me, though some have wantlists that are extremely tough to hit.

Tom Biggs sent this tasty lot of cereal and cake cards.

Two more Milwaukee Braves from Gunny Musgrove. That '62 Shaw is more Panini than Panini, but the Wrigley background on Del Crandall's card is fantastic.
Randy Griffin with two 1971 cards, including a high number in Tischinski.
Steve Sankner sent this great card of one of the two-sport O'Brien brothers.
More 59's from Brian Betza. I spy the Yankees' manager's grandpa.
Byron Boyd sent these five - I ended up with three 1959 envelopes on the same day. Some 58's too, including another Milwaukee Braves basketball player.

Jeff Grever sent this great mixed lot, ranging from vintage stars to current prospects. Quite a mix to get George Kell and Ke'Bryan Hayes at the same time.

Mike Jackson sent this great mixed lot. Fun to get the '72 Marichal right after getting the In Action a day before (that TCDB trade above).
Fun 1961 (Topps and Fleer) PWE from Tom Housley. A couple of HOF pitchers in Roberts and Chesbro, but I love how there was a Hal Woodeshick card, and then a Jack Wickersham card miscut with part of another Woodeshick clearly visible. (A while back I linked to a great Flickr site that clearly delineates the '62 green tints from the regulars. I only learned last night on an OBC Zoom call that Housley is the guy who made that site!)
Five from Rob Bessette. Some pretty big names for 1968, but my favorite is the '63 Bill Rigney, probably the best manager card of all time.
Ken Pillion with three 1970 needs including Jim Bunning.
Neal Thomas with some '68 and '69 needs highlighted by Gaylord Perry. Neal is working on a fun project - a '65 Topps set in as poor condition as possible, "downgrades" welcome. I have a few to send him, perhaps some of you have some lousy-shape '65s too?
These three PWEs were picked out to me by mentor Andy Huntoon. Andy is mentoring another potential OBC member and was sending us both '59s and accidentally switched them, so he had us send the cards to each other. I recognized the name that I was sending the cards too - it's another blogger, so I really hope this guy joins too!
Thanks everyone!


  1. Great stuff! Even with a missing corner that '53 Monte Irvin is fantastic.

    I would be interested to see some of your vintage set builds all together.

  2. Fergie wins it. A lot of competition though.

  3. Biggs and Griffin are OCTers too. Lots of vintage. Has to be a blast walking to the mailbox everyday!

  4. Great cards! Once I get my collection where I want it, I think I'm going to pick a vintage year and collect it.

  5. This is like sensory overload. And I don't know how big your card group is, but if this is how they welcome every new member, one can't help but wonder what kind of stockpile some of these folks must be sitting on.