Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Time Traveling variety

Another month, another fun Time Travel Trade with Diamond Jesters.

One vintage cards, a very nice 1963 Topps Jim "Mudcat" Grant. Too great photos. Looks like at least one, maybe more baseballs on the ground behind him.

A variety of older players on more modern cards. The three Pacific cards highlight some players who were important stars in their day, but are pretty much forgotten now.
Two modern NY guys. IKF has had a somewhat rough tenure in New York but has been doing a little better lately. Brandon Jacobs will always be fondly remembered by Giants fans.
Nice NY skyline photo on the back! This view from the Hudson River is only from 2010, but looks very different now with the construction of the Hudson Yards complex.



  1. Wow...I just bought that same Mudcat Grant card at a card show Sunday!

  2. I think I sent that IKF. I weirdly had a stack of those, so glad to see it land with someone else!

  3. Some of those art cards in the Pacific Legends sets were so bad. Roger Cramer's has to be up there with the worst.